Saturday, May 30, 2009


Jesus created quite a controversy when he opened a blind man’s eyes on the one day of the week when work (even “good” work) was forbidden. Jesus repeatedly broke the rules: he worked up some mud, worked to plaster it on the blind man’s eyelids, and then instigated the blind man to work washing the mud off. Oh, and one minor detail: after all that work, THE MAN COULD SEE!

The man who was healed took a lot of heat from “church establishment” for what Jesus did in his life. The Pharisees objected because of the broken rules. Instead of celebrating the miracle of the man’s newfound sight – hallelujah! – their reaction was to throw the guy out of the synagogue in disgrace. Afterward, Jesus found him and explained:

“For judgment I came into this world,
that those who do not see may see,
and those who see
may become blind.”
John 9:39

Yikes! Lord, please let me be one who sees! I don’t want to insist that I see and then find I’m the one who is truly blind in every sense that matters. Please help me to resist the temptation of thinking I have all the answers. Help me to humble myself before you today, that I may receive your healing touch and the sight you bestow when I’m wise enough to admit I am blind and helpless before you.

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