Friday, July 30, 2010

Free Bird in a Cage

. . . vain is the salvation of man!
With God we shall do valiantly;
it is he who will tread down our foes.

It is crucial, yet so difficult in a crisis, to remember to look to my only true hope! My dearest friend or most loving family member may be unable to release me from my limitations, but help is a heartbeat away. I'm free at a moment's notice to go straight to the source of immediate, life-changing power.

Today's reading was a great reminder to keep my eyes on Jesus when frustration sets in and I feel stuck in the muck. My prayer for you is that you will remember to call on God, "with whom we shall do valiantly." I pray you will see Him at work treading down your foes right before your very eyes.

God's way of helping is a sight to see, surprising and ironic. Today's New Testament section (Acts 28:16-31) is a prime example of the laugh-out-loud humor that happens when God decides to turn the tables. The apostle Paul was preaching the gospel from a protected position as a prisoner under Roman guard, just like a cartoon Tweety bird safely out of reach of a hungry cat.

Technically Paul was the one in the cage, but for all practical purposes the Jews were his captive audience, taunted like Sylvester, with their mouths watering, but powerless to pounce. Though they wished Paul dead, they had to listen to his arguments. They couldn't touch or harm him in any way while he awaited his day in court.

May the good news have free reign in your heart and in our mouth, even if you feel you are weighed down by chains of doubt and dilema. May the Holy Spirit empassion you and me to take in, and dispense, the truth of the Word day by day. May his joy lift your heart till you feel as light and happy as a certain little yellow-feathered friend!

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